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Ruchi Cookies Classes situated in the heart of the city in Jabalpur. The classes are being conducted under the leadership of Director Ruchi Cooking Classes Mrs. Mamta Paharia.

A perfection in cooking derives a lot of love and appreciation for girl and women from her family and friend.

"Win Heart Through Stomach"
"Cooking is the magical combination of Art and Science"

For every lady relation with her kitchen is as pleasing and important as the colours are to a painting. Separate identity for themselves in every fields but kitchen is still a place where she finds mental peace & find them to cook for her family as who knows better her that the way to the heart passes through.

Mamta Paharia has started Ruchi Cooking Class in 1997 in Jabalpur thus her dream become a reality as cooking was her passion and fascination and she has running her classes successfully since last 15 years. "Ruchi means Interest" - she put her energy expertise and experience to teach the best cooking "we promise to make  you perfect cook". Mrs. Mamta Paharia was "first" to introduce the sizzlers & microwave classes in Jabalpur from 1997 and everybody had appreciated, before that they were keeping microwaves as a showpiece, now it is a great help to cook fast, easier and healthy food.

We have special classes designed for Teenagers to introduce them to cooking in fun loving manner. We conduct special courses for students going abroad who have to cook for themselves which is simple, easy and quick and provide them nutrition, healthy food and energy. We also have Bridal courses for getting married or who are already married so that they can make tasty food in the kitchen.

Mrs. Mamta Paharia looks after her family diligently despite her hectic and at times long hours at work. She is very good nature and guides her students patiently & nicely. Her popularity has gained lot of momentum and she is constantly been asked by various National and local women's welfare and other organization to conduct cookery shows.

These recipes  were then further refined by her time and again over a period to make them absolutely perfect. The overwhelming appreciation & response to her Cookery. Classes & one can see in "Student - Speak".

Easy, healthy and delicious cooking are latest demands by everyone who loves to cook and the one who desires to cook. The same demands are fulfilled at Ruchi Cooking Classes. Every one of you wants to cook the food with the same taste as of restaurants. So what are you waiting for come and learn the art of expertise cooking with various delicious and bring the same taste  you desire.

Ruchi Cooking Classes is also a boon for all peoples who are willing to learn various  cuisines in an extremely easy manner and a wonderful taste. So hurry up and experience your desire getting fulfilled at Ruchi Cooking Classes in a very delightful & friendly environment which is easily approachable by all of you, being in the heart of city.

The students can have a live magnified view of the dishes being made on close circuit TV's.
Here is the various courses offered by Ruchi Cooking Classes. (Please see our Syllabus).

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