Our Courses
1. Microwave Cookery Class
Learn quick and tasty way of cooking various Vegetables, Sweets, Cakes, Pizza, Sandwich, Biscuits in your Microwave oven.

No. of Dishes : 20 Duration : 03 Days

2. Advance mix Cookery Class
Learn all types of cooking like cake, pastries, tasty dessert, continental, Mexican, Italian, vegetables, sandwiches, snacks, Patties, Puff Biscuits, sizzlers, Thai, Salad and Salad Decoration, Nan, Tawa Roti, mocktails, coffee, ice-creams etc.

No. of Dishes : 100 Duration : 30 Days

3. Special mix Cookery Class
Cooking, Baking, Icecream, Chinese, Snacks, Tawa Cookery, Continental, Vegetables, Chat, Sabji, Rice, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Sizzlers etc.

No. of Dishes : 50 Duration : 20 Days

4. Mix Cookery Class
Cooking, Baking, Chinese, Snacks, Tawa Cookery, Vegetables, Chat, Sabji, Rice, Thai, Mexican, Italian, etc.

No. of Dishes : 45 Duration : 15 Days

5. CCD Coffee Class
Learn tasty & different type of Hot and chilled coffee, cappuccino, cafe mocha, cafe affogato etc.

No. of Dishes : 12 Duration : 01 Day

6. Mexican Class
Learn tasty Mexican food like Mexican taco, casadia, coconut curry rice etc.

No. of Dishes : 04 Duration : 01 Day

7. Italian Class
Learn tasty and tempting Italian food like green fatusin, Rissotto, two layered rice etc.

No. of Dishes : 04 Duration : 01 Day

8. Teen Age Cooking
Learn tasty Lazzania, crust Pie Paneer, Apple Pie, Falafal Sandwich, Tiramisu etc.

No. of Dishes : 12 Duration : 03 Days

9. Pizza Class
Learn Deluxe Pizza, Peppi Paneer Pizza, Margarita Pizza, Farm House Pizza.

No. of Dishes : 06 Duration : 01 Day

10. Exotic Advance Bakery (Without Eggs)
Learn Christmas Cake, Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Pastry, Gel Cake, Icing etc.

No. of Dishes : 12 Duration : 04 Days

11. Advance Bakery (Without Eggs)
Learn Tasty Patties, Jeerapuffs, Cheesepuffs, Atta Biscuit, Nice Biscuit etc.

No. of Dishes : 09 Duration : 03 Days

12. Ice Creams Class
Learn Ice-cream Sizzlers, Fried Ice-cream, Candy, Chocobar, Butterscotch, Casatta, Almond rose etc.

No. of Dishes : 20 Duration : 03 Days

13. Vegetarian Party Snacks with DIPS Class
Learn Tasty snacks like Pizza, Momos, Franky, Kababs, Veg Gote, Pasta, Cheese Garlic Bread, Paneer 65, etc.

No. of Dishes : 20 Duration : 04 Days

14. Rice Class
Learn various types of Mouth Watering Pullov like Italian Rice, Mexican Rice, Corn Pullav, Spanish Pullav, Moti Pullav etc.

No. of Dishes : 10 Duration : 02 Days

15. Soups Class
Learn delicious soup like Hot & sour, Digestive cold soup, cream of tomato, etc.

No. of Dishes : 05 Duration : 01 Day

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